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A British video games artist with over a decade of experience.


I've worked on titles ranging from Call Of Duty, The Transformers, Angry Birds, and more.


Creating anything from game environments to vehicles, weaponry and characters.


Presently working in the action figure industry.


I've a professional interest in digital sculpture, toy production, cnc milling, mold making, 3d Printing and the mass production processes.


When I'm not doing all the busy, busy, I'm an enthusiastic runner. Enjoy cinema, books, art, music & run a 3D printed art accessories store on Etsy.


I'm also a member of the E-Nable organisation and assist in the creation of 3D printed Childrens prosthetics.

LinkedIn Testimonials

This is a video game portfolio. So why not share my gaming background with my top 100 nostalgic 8 Bit,16 BitPS1 & N64 game tunes. Enjoy :)

Top 10

Sega Master System

Sonic The Hedgehog



01 Sky Base Zone

02 Scrap Brain Zone

Top 100

Sega Megadrive

Top 100

Playstation 1

Top 70


Well shit

I couldn't make 100 :)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil



01 Turok 2: Port of Adia

02 Turok 2: Oblivion Lair

F-Zero X



44 Mute City

45 Silence

46 White Land

Mario Kart 64



47 Rainbow Road

48 Main Theme

49 Rainbow Road/Credits Medley

StarWars: Shadows Of The Empire



56 Battle of Hoth

57 Ord Mantell

58 Xizor's Palace

59 Skyhook Battle

1080 Snowboarding



67 Work Your Body

68 Dance!d

Banjo Kazooie



69 Banjo-Kazooie

Lylat Wars 64



70 End Staff Credits

Honourable Mentions

Testimonials taken from LinkedIn


Aten Skinner, Artist Activision

Aten managed Jonathan indirectly at Activision


I recently had the pleasure of working with Jonathan at the Blast Furnace. Jonathan was employed with us for some months as a contract artist and I was impressed with his attitude throughout. 

He is very much a team player and quite willing to take on any task that comes his way, executing the work with a keen eye and showing good technical knowledge. His passion for the job shows in the quality of his work and he was always keen to get it right and produce his best work for the game. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any employer and wish him all the best for the future.


Jaid Mindang, Art Director, Outsource Manager, Concept Artist

Jaid worked with Jonathan at Activision


Jonathan is an extremely conscientious CG artist, whose interests in all fields of 3D computer graphics seem to be boundless. He immerses himself in the work entirely, and then in his own time, he works on his own CG projects using a whole variety of different apps and software, just to keep his hand in. I frankly don't know where he gets the energy or enthusiasm from, but it seems to be a tireless endeavour for him to further himself and his skill set. Any future employers would do well to tap into that limitless reserve of productivity. 

More power to your elbow, Jonathan.



Chris Hogg, Artist at Activision

Chris worked directly with Jonathan at Activision

I worked with Jonathan on our latest project and I found him to be a very hard working, enthusiastic artist driven to excel in his craft. As well as being an asset in production he was always keen to learn new skills and develop his existing ones. Along with this he is a friendly, likeable colleague who cheered us up no end even during the tougher times on the project. I hope to work with him again in future and wish him every success in his endeavours



Pascal Blanché, Art Director, Jagex
Managed Jonathan indirectly at Jagex


“I had a great pleasure to work with Jonathan. His dedication to improve the graphics and push the technical boundaries really helped to put our game ( runescape) on better tracks. Jonathan is a highly talented and pationned artist and id recommend him strongly to any studio who wants to achieve greater quality in production works.” November 25, 2011



Joe Redstall, Senior Environment Modeller, Jagex

Reported to Jonathan at Jagex


“During Jon's time at Jagex he oversaw the Environment modelling team push the quality of assets as high as possible - both by giving feedback to others and by getting stuck in himself on several key projects. Jon always led by example, and as well as producing fantastic looking models he was always the first in and last to leave the office.

I would recommend Jon for other Lead Environment roles in the games industry. I believe he has great experience, and demonstrates artistic flair, dedication and passion in his work.” November 13, 2011


Stuart Owen, Animator, Jagex
Worked indirectly for Jonathan at Jagex


“When working with Jonathan, I found him extremely enthusiastic toward his role, with a clear drive towards achieving the highest possible quality, always with exceptional results. He was always helpful when working with the animation team, very approachable and willing to strive to get results to ensure we resolved any issues with the best possible outcome. I would definitely work with Jonathan again, for his professionalism, ease to work with and clear passion towards the graphics industry.” January 12, 2012


Matthew Newstead, Senior Artist, Jagex
Reported to Jonathan at Jagex


“I've worked alongside Jonathan for over six months, and have always found him very approachable. He has a strong art style and always pushes the boundaries of what's possible. He's dedicated to the job, willing to put in his own time to finish a project, and always with the goal of achieving the best possible result.

He's a fast modeller with a keen eye for detail, he appears to be able to think outside the box when tackling tricky situations, and seems to thrive on the pressure of a tight deadline.” November 13, 2011


Luke Fielding, 3D Modeller, Jagex
Reported to Jonathan at Jagex


“Jonathan is a talented artist and a respected lead and friend. While working with him at Jagex, he continually pushed the quality of the artwork we produced and set a higher standard for future projects.” November 13, 2011


David Clifford, Senior Animator, Jagex
worked directly with Jonathan at Jagex


“My experience of working with Jonathan in the same game team has been great. I am impressed with his drive for quality and thinking experimentally on art tasks. Any piece of modelling work I've seen from Jon was of outstanding quality and is a general incentive to others in the team to keep their standards high. 
As a manager he refuses to settle for less than the best, but also gives heartfelt encouragement when impressive work is produced.
Personally he is a great guy with an inquisitive mind, and a good mate too! I can heartily recommend him as an asset to any team!” November 19, 2011


Tom Geoghegan, Graphic User Interface Artist, Jagex
worked indirectly for Jonathan at Jagex


“I have worked alongside Jon for some time and I have found him to be highly motivated lead, with endless energy and enthusiasm. He is greatly respected by those who have worked with him and I have always been inspired with his dedication and the self-sacrifices he makes to get the job done!” December 4, 2011


Christoph Vietzke, President of RuneScape

Managed Jonathan directly at Jagex

Jonathan is such a gifted artist and produced some outstanding assets for recent projects. He pushed boundaries as soon as he joined the company and the quality of the graphics increased significantly. Jonathan and everyone else involved in the projects can be very proud of these achievements.


Andrew O'Dowd, RuneScape Producer

Managed Jonathan directly at Jagex

Hi there,

I’m happy to tell you that Jonathan Shaller has successfully passed his probationary period and is now a fully-fledged member of the RuneScape and Jagex team.

He’s strived to push the boundaries of what players can expect from the RuneScape environments and his commitment to his work is very admirable (he even manages to beat Daniel in some mornings).

Well done Jon!

A"26 August 2011


Colin Ramsay, Learning & Development Specialist at Jagex

worked indirectly with Jonathan at Jagex

Subject: Actions from your 180 Feedback meeting.

Hi Jon, 

A really positive session last week, I think you’ve made a good impression on the art team and they’re clearly supportive of you as their leader." 26 September 2011

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