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Digital Sculpting & Fabrication
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A British video games artist with over a decade of experience.


I've worked on titles ranging from Call Of Duty, The Transformers, Angry Birds, and more.


Creating anything from game environments to vehicles, weaponry and characters.


Presently working in the action figure industry.


I've a professional interest in digital sculpture, toy production, cnc milling, mold making, 3d Printing and the mass production processes.


When I'm not doing all the busy, busy, I'm an enthusiastic runner. Enjoy cinema, books, art, music & run a 3D printed art accessories store on Etsy.


I'm also a member of the E-Nable organisation and assist in the creation of 3D printed Childrens prosthetics.

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This is a video game portfolio. So why not share my gaming background with my top 100 nostalgic 8 Bit,16 BitPS1 & N64 game tunes. Enjoy :)

Top 10

Sega Master System

Sonic The Hedgehog



01 Sky Base Zone

02 Scrap Brain Zone

Top 100

Sega Megadrive

Top 100

Playstation 1

Top 70


Well shit

I couldn't make 100 :)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil



01 Turok 2: Port of Adia

02 Turok 2: Oblivion Lair

F-Zero X



44 Mute City

45 Silence

46 White Land

Mario Kart 64



47 Rainbow Road

48 Main Theme

49 Rainbow Road/Credits Medley

StarWars: Shadows Of The Empire



56 Battle of Hoth

57 Ord Mantell

58 Xizor's Palace

59 Skyhook Battle

1080 Snowboarding



67 Work Your Body

68 Dance!d