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Our Mission

Make your desktop a fun, inspiring, & happy place. 

Maybe the world too.

Our 3D prints

At Freakfinity we produce our Wachibi with FDM printing. FDM is one of the most common forms of 3d printing.

Allowing for a multitude of vibrant colours and the most time, cost effective 3d printing.

We print at a fine setting of 0.1mm layers producing brilliantly detailed prints.


We print in PLA

Why don't you print with superior high resolution liquid resin?

Liquid resin printing may produce superior quality prints. But has many downsides.

For one it not economically friendly.
Prints take far, far longer. Resin is exceptionally expensive, not to mention toxic & does not come in as many colours & materials as FDM filaments.

Resin printing today is predominately used for producing mold masters and some machine working prototypes.

Printing Your order

A Wachibi can take as much as 8 hrs to print with all its accessories.
Were are like a small factory. We print daily, but must also maintenance daily. With a queue of prints we give a realistic creation time of "6 Business Days" to prepare your order before dispatch.

Preparation Time

We allow for a maximum of "6 Business Days" preparation time.

That's not including the shipping time.

Why so Long?

We are a small yet busy studio.
We print by order. With so much variation we cant print in advance and be ahead of the game.
3d printing can be trickier than it might appear.

I know right. Not what you might imagine.
Surely we just press a button, walk away and poof! Your order is ready several hours later. Most of the time yes.
In actuality there are many moving parts going on behind the scenes including regular maintenance of machinery.
It's a good day when more than half of the printer farm is operating smoothly.

It's a day in the life of a 3d printer farm.

Typically we do dispatch in about 3 days though.


Once your order has been dispatched from Malta.

It will take varying times to reach you based on location.
Here are some rough estimates.

U.S:                9/16 Days
E.U:                3/5 Days
Australia:      9/16 Days
China:            9/16 Days
Canada:         9/16 Days
Africa:            9/16 Days


Wachibi are everywhere!
We've many creepy, cute, fun, colourful Wachibi designs in the making, & we plan to make many more.

Each Wachibi comes with a nib holder on the underside. 

More Details

Product Info

Wachibi are produced by 3d printing.

Each stands at about 8cm tall. 

We fit as much into the box as possible.

There's a special Nib holder

compartment on the underside.

It can hold 10 Nibs, Pincer & a mini SD Card.

A Wachibi & accompanying Nib Holder can take upto 8 hrs to print.

Printed in PLA.

Wachibi ordered with paint jobs are hand crafted on order. 

Wachibi are from Malta, a sunny Island near Italy.

Colours may vary slightly from renders & photography.

Nibs, Nibs Pincer & accessories not included.

Stylus not included.

Return Policies

Returns and refunds.


We care about your satisfaction and want you to love your Wachibi as much as we do creating them.


We offer exchanges and refunds with our reasonable policies.


If unsatisfied. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving.


We are happy to refund or exchange upon return of the product.

If your order has arrived broken.


We kindly ask for a clear, sufficient mobile photo of your broken product for a full refund. 


Please contact us for any further enquiries


Shipping Info

Your Wachibi is made on the tiny island of Malta in the mediterranean. 


It can take roughly 2 weeks to reach the U.S, Canada or Australia.


E.U can take as little as 3 to 5 days. 


Shipping is not to be confused with "dispatch" times. 


We need time to create your order just for you.

We take a maximum 6 Business days to produce your order.


Please consider these rough estimates when buying gifts for special dates such as birthdays, Christmas, mothers, or fathers day. Thank you. 

3D Printing

Wachibi are 3d Printed products. 

With over 5 years in the 3D printing business.

Our prints really are as good as you can get from FDM 3D printing.

With over 8hrs of printing time.

Each 3D print is unique, with extremely minor to no printing artefacts. 


3D printing can not stand up to the quality of industrial injection moulded manufacturing processes.

There is no such thing as a 100% perfect print, but we make sure each print is to the highest quality to consider being sent out to a customer.

Please consider this when purchasing any 3D printed product.

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